The high-end new product of Hualing Heavy-duty Trucks, Kemamar, came to Beijing after it

Recently, acrylic fiber products are affected by the trend of acrylonitrile, the raw material

In November of this year, Shanxi Coking Group was selected as the first batch of 42 circular e

Fan Xiaojian, the deputy agriculture minister, said here on the 16th that since last year, Chi

On October 20th, Tangyi Hotel, Linyi City, Shanxi Province. The government officials, experts,

With high energy prices and gradual adjustment of global supply and demand imbalances, the wor

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Nowadays, there is a saying that is very popular: Super-class companies do standards, first-cl

According to the latest forecast, the total demand for styrene in China will reach about 4.38

The reporter learned from Xiamen Maike Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. on the 29th that the acquisiti

As the second largest consumer of chemicals after the United States, China’s chemical d

However, the Huabei Oilfield alone left a "rich imagination." Allegedly at that time

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