[China Agricultural Machinery Industry News] As the staple food, people's daily life is inseparable from a variety of wheat products such as bread, noodles, cakes, taro, biscuits and so on. However, different wheat products have different quality requirements for wheat. Wheat has great potential

Special vehicles are all professional and targeted. When operating, there are a lot more things to be aware of than private cars. Today we talk about concrete mixers and understand what they do in their daily work. Precautions 1. When the concrete mixer tr

In the last week's review, we had an article entitled “Enjoy your business with easy and enjoyable Foton gamut sale trucks (click to view)”. This Futian gamut's emission standard has met the national five standard. We are taking photogra

[China Agricultural Machinery Industry News] On May 30th, in order to solve the problem of late maturing and premature aging of cotton in Xinjiang, and to promote the early maturity and high yield of concentrated flowering , the cotton light simplified chemical regulation technology training meeting

When choosing antifreeze, we try to use the same brand of antifreeze. The anti-freeze solution on the market is different for each brand of metal solubilizer, so we can not mix different brands of antifreeze. There is also a reason that antifreeze cannot be

With the development of science and technology, more and more special-purpose vehicle products are becoming more and more advanced. From the initial environmental sanitation sweepers to the now more technologically advanced sweeping vehicles, this is an evo

The active magnetic steel independently researched and developed by Dalian Qihui Computer Network Co., Ltd. has the advantages of short sensing distance, no need for analog-to-digital conversion, and the ability to detect low-speed vehicles. It can be widely applied to axle counting systems in rail