Clarity is the percentage by weight of the net seeds of seeds and other plant seeds and impurities and the characteristics of the sample mixture. Through the analysis of the other two components, such as the net seed in the seed sample, the true amount of the clean and available seed in t

In the last week of 2013, Weichai released its first light-car brand, Yingzhi, in Beijing. The general manager of Weichai Automobile, Ye Qing, revealed that in the future, Weichai will focus on the light-duty vehicle business, including passenger cars and light commercial vehicles. At least one ne

The Internet of Things revolution is within easy reach. By 2020, there will be more than 30 billion connected objects in the world. As the world’s population grows and resources become more valuable, this kind of interconnection is expected to provide real-world data to promote effi

Under the support of the Chinese government and the market, Volkswagen AG has now become the world's largest automaker, producing a full range of passenger cars and commercial vehicles. It has long occupied the top spot in the European market and is firmly established in the Chinese automotive

A few days ago, Manager Magazin of Germany stated in a report that, after experiencing waves of twists and turns, VW’s plans to create entry-level brands for emerging global markets will soon be approved by the group’s management committee. According to the magazine, the seni

When many customers add snow, they require more points. In fact, it is not as good as professional knowledge. Like humans, they are hungry and have no strength. However, they are strong enough to make themselves very vulnerable. The city's preferential price maintenance of professional refrige

Chambers of Commerce and associations are the most direct contacts between enterprises and industries, and they are also witnesses to the current economic development of Hebei. How is the development status of various industries, and how do these organizations play more roles? From now on, we will