As the speed of the car's entry into the home has increased, how to maintain the car has become one of the topics that people are currently most concerned about. In addition to regular maintenance visits to the repair shop on a regular basis, the maintenance of some small places is also worthy

It was learned from the Traffic Police Detachment of Yantai Municipal Public Security Bureau that as of December 17, the city had completed 60,230 yellow-label vehicles, and completed the work target of eliminating 45,000 vehicles in the city's yellow-label vehicles in 2014, and issued a total

On December 24, the reporter was informed that the General Office of the Jiangxi Provincial Government recently issued an implementation opinion on accelerating the promotion and application of new energy vehicles (hereinafter referred to as the “Implementation Opinions”), clearly stati

First, the error caused by non-axisymmetrical flow When the flow velocity of the fluid is axisymmetrically distributed in the tube, and in a uniform magnetic field, the magnitude of the electromotive force generated on the flowmeter electrode is independent of the flow velocity distribution of the

On October 16, 2014, the fast car was successfully launched. Recently, the reporter interviewed Mr. Shi Zhihua, who is responsible for the operation of the fast car rental, and learned that the fast car rental has signed more than 50 car care centers for co

With the world economy from the industrial age to the Knowledge Economy, companies need to adopt a higher level of technology of advanced automated production equipment to meet the needs of sustainable development and enterprise markets. China's packaging machinery industry pays great attention

Precision pressure gauge - How to maintain the pressure gauge Seeing this title, someone's head began to get a headache again. Because, the maintenance of the pressure gauge is necessary, and it is more frequent in winter. Here we will discuss what kind of state differential pressure gauges