The boring rigs are composed of rotating equipment, propulsion mechanism, delivery mechanism and hydraulic and electrical control systems. The structure and shape are shown in Figure 1 and Figure 2, respectively. Figure 1 shows the up-drilling method of the rig rig Figure 2 Patio drill rig 1â

[English name] sodium sulfate [structure or molecular formula] Na 2 SO 4 [relative molecular weight or atomic weight] 142.44 [density] 1.464 (ten water), 2.698 (anhydrous) [melting point (°C)] 32.4 (decahydrate); 884 (anhydrous) 【Properties】 Decahydrate: granules or powdery c

/ SPAN> amount sufficient to Fe (CN) 6 4 - when all of the precipitate is not formed copper Cu 2 Fe (CN) 6, since wastewater SCN - generally much larger than the Cu content (slag exception cyanide), it is almost copper all and SCN - CuSCN generated precipitate was removed from the waste water, th

The production and processing plant of Fushan Copper Mine was put into operation in July 1971 to 1978. The average production index only reached: the recovery rate was 89.23%, and the concentrate grade was 15.54%. The production indicators of the past few years have fluctuated greatly. Fukuyama is

The plant designed in 1969 by the Institute of Design Shan steel. The design scale is 500t/d. (1) ore properties: the genus deposit, deposit epithermal silicate fluorite type, occurs in substantially the Jurassic Mesozoic, the Cretaceous volcanic rocks, the multiple lithology tuff (rhyolitic) . Th

The contents, type and quantity of auxiliary equipment associated with the filter vary depending on the type and specifications of the filter selected. In addition to the filter press and the centrifugal dewatering filter, the vacuum filter must be equipped with a filtrate cylinder and a vacuum pum

On March 27th, Liard released the 2016 annual report. The company's operating income reached 4.376 billion yuan, and the net profit reached 669 million yuan. The company's revenue of 4 billion yuan and the profit target of 500-700 million yuan were completed at the beginning of the year. Net