In December, the domestic acetone market continued to maintain a sluggish state and the transa

The 300,000-ton/year polypropylene project of China National Petroleum Daqing Refinery Branch,

70 high-level R&D executives from major U.S. chemical companies gathered in Cincinnati not

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'Anti-dumping is very annoying. 'Most people listen to these words, certainly understa

In 2005, with the development of global chemical production, the pace of technological innovat

According to the 2005 editorial, the domestic chemical market has been ups and downs. Under th

The "Control Indicators for Land for Industrial Construction Projects in Hubei Province&q

The reporter learned from the Heilongjiang Provincial Government on the 13th that, in order to

According to statistics released by the State General Administration of Customs, in the first

Although global consumption of acrylonitrile has reached 5.17 million tons in 2004, setting a

All food safety incidents that have occurred in recent years are not caused by food additives.

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