Fertilizer production difficulties deserve attention

Shanxi Shanjia Group Co., Ltd. Chemical Fertilizer Plant and Huozhou Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., with urea as the main product, Shanxi Dingli Chemical Co., Ltd., with phosphate fertilizer and organic, inorganic compound fertilizer as the main product. According to investigations conducted by the Linfen investigation team of the National Bureau of Statistics, since the second half of 2008, due to the decrease in exports, difficulties in sales, and the increase in production costs greater than the rise in the ex-factory price, the three fertilizer companies are in a state of low profit or loss. Except for Shanjiao Co., the other two companies were forced to stop production in October 2008. Shanjia Co., Ltd. is a company that mainly produces coke, and its coke oven gas produced from coking is reused to produce urea. Since the beginning of this year, due to low coke production, the amount of coke oven gas has been greatly reduced, and it is not enough to maintain the need for urea production. Enterprises have increased the use of anthracite coal, which has further increased production costs. Compared with the same period of last year, the production cost increased from 1840.83 yuan/ton to 2472.33 yuan/ton, up 34.3%; and the ex-factory price increased from 1723.38 yuan/ton to 1891.2 yuan/ton, only rose 9.7%, and the company is still operating at a loss. status.
The stable production of chemical fertilizers has a direct bearing on the implementation of the state's agricultural benefits policy. Spring sowing and spring sowing is the peak season for sales of chemical fertilizers. It is recommended that the competent government departments pay attention to the difficulties in the production and operation of local fertilizer companies and help them resume production as soon as possible.