The mainland and Taiwan LED lighting channels have become more and more popular

LED lighting products to open the market, in addition to let the people can afford, but also let the people buy, LED lighting channels have become scarce resources in the business war. Undoubtedly, whoever holds the lighting industry channel sales network, who can take the lead in the future LED lighting into the civilian market.

Continental LED lighting channel kills wars and local factories consolidate the advantages of Taiwanese factories

Taiwan's LED packaging leader Everlight Electronics grabbed its own brand in the mainland market, but recently it was reported that it was blocked by the mainland lighting leading factory NVC Lighting. It is strictly forbidden to sell its billion-light LED products, otherwise it will cancel the original Product distribution rights and suspension of disposal, LED industry pointed out that Yiguang 甫 entered the mainland LED lighting brand market is encountering obstacles, not only highlights the mainland LED lighting warfare, but also reveals that the mainland traditional lighting factory intends to fully consolidate the dominant position of the channel, defense LED lighting factory successfully rushed to the mainland distribution system.

Recently, mainland media reported that NVC Lighting has completely blocked the company's sales channels in various provinces, and sent a letter to its dealers to warn the distributors in the system to participate in the meeting of Yiguang and other LED brand organizations, and not to display and sell Yiguang and Other brands of LED products, otherwise will take measures to stop the sale and cancel the distribution rights, while requiring dealers to speed up the display speed of NVC LED products.

LED industry revealed that the mainland channel blocked some LED manufacturers' product news, from lighting lighting manufacturers specializing in lighting appliances, the main agents include NVC Lighting, Huaqiang Benbang, Sanxiong Aurora, Jihao, Osram, Shanghai New Highlights, Handan Electric, etc. Brand products, but the recent introduction of billion light LED lighting, but led to the big move of NVC lighting ordered to block.

The LED industry pointed out that since the LED lighting industry is still in the initial stage of development, it is necessary to rely on traditional distributors to open the sales channel. Therefore, the LED lighting industry does not pay special attention to whether or not the exclusive agent, and the dealers often represent several brand products at the same time. Since NVC Lighting started from the traditional lighting field, it has gradually transformed its LED lighting market in recent years. Currently, the mainland market share is estimated to be about 10 or less, but it should be the largest local lighting brand factory in the mainland.

Yiguang said that the details still need to be further understood. Due to the large scale of the mainland lighting market and the scattered sales channels, it is believed that not a single manufacturer can be a big one. If it is really crowded out by the mainland lighting leading factory, it will develop LEDs for the future. The lighting brand may not be hindered, but it highlights that the strength of Everlight has been affirmed, which will help boost the momentum and open up other channels of sales channels in the mainland.

In fact, NVC Lighting took a strong position this time, which is very rare in the LED industry. The news has been confirmed by Wu Zhengyi, general manager of Everlight Lighting Management (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and related management groups on Weibo website. Yiguang's Yiguang Solid-State Lighting Co., Ltd. established Yiguang Lighting Management (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. in Shanghai in February and extended the appointment of Wu Zhengyu, the former general manager of Dongbo Aosi, as the general manager. In the past, he also worked for NVC Lighting. In the event of a blockade of the channel, it is feared that for the LED industry that has not yet established a foothold in the mainland, the future development of the mainland LED lighting market will inevitably face more severe challenges.

In addition, in the past, Everlight did not vigorously promote its own brand, and had a strategic alliance with Shanghai Yaming Lighting. However, since the development of its own brand, the mutual cooperation between the two companies has fallen into a freezing point. However, due to the optimistic view of the mainland LED lighting market in 2013 The scale is expected to increase by 30-50. Shanghai Yaming has planned to expand the proportion of LED lighting products. From 2012, it will account for 20%. It is expected that the proportion of LED lighting in 2013 will be 35.

Guangzhou Lighting Exhibition will debut the LED supply chain

The mainland has become the world's major LED lighting market. With the 18th Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition on June 9th, the exhibition will last for 4 days. The LED factory is actively participating, including Jingdian, Yiguang, Longda and Guangbao. New Century, Delta Electronics, Edison, etc. are all participating enthusiastically, striving for business opportunities in the mainland lighting market.

Compared with the depressed market environment in 2012, the global LED industry is expected to emerge from the haze in 2013. With the introduction of LED street lamp replacement solutions in Europe, America, Japan, China and Taiwan, the LED outdoor lighting replacement tide will be launched. Industry research institutes estimate that 2013 The annual global outdoor lighting output value will reach 2.478 billion US dollars, and the annual growth rate will reach 46 or more.

In 2012, the mainland government stimulated LED lighting domestic demand through a series of policy measures to drive the mainland LED general lighting market to start. The market estimates that by 2015, the mainland LED general lighting demand will reach 10 billion US dollars, as the economy continues to grow and LED penetration rate has increased. By 2020, the demand for LED general lighting in mainland China will reach 22 billion US dollars.

Guangzhou Lighting Exhibition is one of the main exhibitions of LED lighting in mainland China. According to the scale of 2012, the exhibition area is as high as 220,000 square meters. At present, there are 26 countries and regions, and more than 2,000 companies have signed up for the exhibition. The industry forum, and invited international companies Cree, PhilipsLumileds, Veeco, Crystal Electric and other industry as the keynote speaker, to discuss the pulse and opportunity of the LED industry.

Whether it is already fierce channel war or just launched a price war is a long-term battle by endurance, the outcome is still unknown!

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