Thailand to improve power security will promote LED lighting products

In order to improve the power security capacity and save electricity for environmental protection, Thailand will improve its power generation capacity and promote the popularization of LED energy-saving lamps in order to achieve practical results.
The Thailand Power Supply Bureau has developed a five-year power plant and power supply system development plan for 2013-2017 with a total budget of 300 billion baht (about 62.6 billion yuan), of which 60% is for power plant investment and 40% is for power system investment. The power bureau will continue to expand the scope of testing this year and next year, and gradually implement led lighting technology in other types of lamps to achieve energy-saving collectivization, and gradually promote the unified use of led lamps throughout the country.
At present, the country's power bureau has installed led lighting fixtures on four dams and began trials. These led lights are mainly installed on both sides of the road. After trial, it was found that the led lamp can save electricity compared with the general lamp. 70. At present, Thailand has started the first test with the led lamp of the model mr16, and put the No. 5 energy-saving mark.
At present, there are about 700,000 street lamps in Thailand. If these street lamps are all replaced with led lights, it is expected to save 627 million baht per year in electricity bills and reduce the carbon dioxide emissions by 114,000 tons. The life of the led tube is also longer than that of the general bulb, and it can also save a lot of money in maintenance and replacement.

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