Bus should introduce automatic blaster

Bus should introduce automatic blaster During the college entrance examination, various news broke out, but the most noticeable concern was the Xiamen BRT explosion, which claimed 47 lives, and two of them were children in the college entrance examination. Although it was later identified as a criminal case, it was followed. Many netizens pointed out that this also reflects the "security loopholes" of buses. In the event of a crisis, it is worth reflecting on how to help the people to save themselves most quickly and effectively. AyiNet learned that most buses across the country have safety hammers, but they will lose their lives in daily life, and many people simply do not know how to use it to break glass quickly and effectively. Recently, Xiamen has been operating BRT vehicles in the city. (BRT) The auto blaster is installed above. The installation of this instrument and equipment adds security for public transportation.

The installation of the auto blaster improves the safety performance of the bus, because it is installed on the window to automatically hit the glass burst device so that the passenger can quickly escape from the window in the event of a fire, terrorist attack or other emergency. From the demonstration process, the automatic blasting device has a large impact force and can burst the glass in the shortest possible time, but the glass does not burst in a spray-like manner, so passenger safety is not impaired. The use of such equipment for public transportation is of great benefit to the general public. We must protect our own lives and respect the lives of others. We must love those instruments and equipment that can function in critical situations.

Ayi Network suggested that in daily life, the majority of citizens still need to learn and master some basic escape knowledge. This accident is a warning and it is also hoped that not only Xiamen will install automatic blasting equipment on buses in China, but also More areas in the country can be equipped with automatic blasters at an early date to lock the lives of the general public.

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