In 2012, Guangdong LED industry output value exceeded 210 billion to lead the country

Recently, the work scene of promoting the application of LED lighting products in Guangdong Province will be held in Foshan. The reporter was informed that at present, Guangdong Province has promoted the use of more than 800,000 LED street lights, more than 2.1 million indoor lights, and more than 20,000 kilometers of application roads. Only one street lamp saves nearly 1 billion kilowatt hours.
Guangdong Science and Technology Department revealed that in 2012, the province's LED industry output value of 217 billion yuan, LED research and development and production enterprises of about 4,000, driving employment of nearly 3 million people. The output value and application scale continue to rank first in the country, with a market share of over 70, indicating that the LED industry has developed into an emerging pillar industry in Guangdong.

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