A co-generation plant in South China Sea 200 MW fire two generators, each unit

The School of Engineering and Engineering of the Polytechnic University coope

According to statistics, in 2004, the global acrylic acid production capacity was 3.54 million

Recently, the Hainan Provincial Government issued the "Notice on Resolving the Difficulti

After achieving sales of 400,000, 580,000, and 900,000 vehicles in the past three years,

Hefei General Machinery Products Certification Center on July 12, 2005 on the J

An easy to change type faucets, valves, mainly to solve the current common faucet and valve rep

1, using two-piece stemless pin connection, the structure is simple and compact, easy maintenan

The first automobile key component industrial base of the National Torch Plan was establi

Global-industrial giant Dow Chemical's plastics company recently developed a new type of e

Recently, the Shandong Provincial Economic and Trade Com

After a four-year depression, this year's chemical manufacturers finally ushered in a r

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