Jianghuai Wei Ling Europe III Edition listed on the capital, started the first upgrade of light trucks

Recently, Jianghuai Automobile’s flagship light truck product, Wei Ling Ou III, was listed in Beijing. The reporter learned from the automobile market in Beijing Asian Games Village that the response of the new Weiling market was very popular. The consumers of the car in front of them were in an endless stream. Beijing ZJS had already ordered 10 units. The new Wei Ling has adopted a new Zhachai CYQD32Tic engine, which has obvious effect on fuel consumption and will be highly competitive in its class.

It is reported that the CYQD32Tic engine is the first light-duty diesel engine of Daou III that is the first independent technology in China. Its high compression ratio is 22:1, which ensures a higher thermal efficiency of the fuel. At the same time, the inter-cooling technology is not increasing. Pressurized fuel consumption improves power performance. The engine's average fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is 6-8L. It inherits the advantages of the Fujino Wind Series diesel engine, and the engine power can reach 140PS through exhaust gas turbocharged intercooling technology, and 313N·m torque can be output at a low speed of 2200rpm. Even the gasoline engine with a displacement of 4.0 is unmatched.

On December 30, 2005, Beijing implemented the Euro III standard for motor vehicle emissions in advance. Compared with the Euro II emission standard, the implementation of the Euro III standard in Beijing imposes more stringent restrictions on the quality of vehicle exhaust gas, and automobile manufacturers need to overcome several technical difficulties. Moreover, according to experts, starting from the current technical point of view, diesel vehicles are more difficult to meet Euro III standards than gasoline vehicles, and light trucks and specific cards are more difficult to achieve.

The implementation of this standard has brought turmoil to the auto market, especially for the commercial vehicle sector, and it is difficult for most domestic light truck companies to parry. At the beginning of the implementation of the policy, Beijing’s light-duty card market experienced a city-wide disconnection. In this case, the original market reflected a very good Jianghuai Wei Ling, after the introduction of products in line with European Standard III, after occupying 95% of the domestic market, the diesel engine market immediately attracted a lot of money-buying purchasing consumers, in the bland The light truck market in Beijing has really hit a fire.

According to Mr. Liu, a logistics company in Beijing, because Beijing currently emphasizes vehicle exhaust emissions, it is necessary to first meet the standards when purchasing a car. There were few products that could meet the standards in the market before, and there was little room for selection of factors such as price and performance. There is only a very small amount of gasoline products that meet Euro III emission standards in the Beijing market, but the domestic truck market has long been dominated by diesel products, basically controlling nearly 95% of the market. The launch of new products by Jianghuai Weiling will be very competitive for Beijing, which implements the Euro III standard. As the first camp of the light truck industry, Futian and Dongfeng have not yet launched corresponding products.

With the increasing pollution of urban areas in China, the issue of energy saving and environmental protection has received more and more attention. The government also continuously guides and enforces policies. Following Beijing's implementation of Euro III standards, cities such as Guangzhou and Shanghai will also implement this policy in succession. Industry experts pointed out that the introduction of new products with low fuel consumption, low operating costs, high cost performance, and ability to meet changing environmental requirements is one of the core competitiveness of the company's development.

At the beginning of the implementation of Euro III in Beijing, the domestic passenger car market has also been subject to certain alluvial currents. The commercial vehicle market is now undergoing this process of transformation. This time, the listing of the new Wei Ling, started the first shot of the light truck industry product upgrade. On the one hand, it shows that China's light truck technology can already meet international standards, and it also reflects that China's own brands have a certain degree of adaptability. After Weiling, other Jianghuai products will continue to achieve Euro III emission standards.

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