A major breakthrough in the research work in the field of marine technology at the University of Petroleum

Recently, the national “863 Program” major project in the field of marine technology, “Key Technologies for Deepwater Semi-submersible Drilling Platform” and “Key Technologies for Deep Water Drilling and Completion”, ended the competition, and China University of Petroleum was approved. This marks a major breakthrough in the school's research work in the field of marine technology under the National “863 Program”.

The key technology of deepwater semi-submersible drilling platform is to study the key technologies of deepwater semi-submersible drilling platform design and construction, master the core technology of semi-submersible offshore platform, and form the technical capability of independently designing and constructing deepwater semi-submersible drilling platform in China. Provide technical support for the construction of a new deep-water semi-submersible drilling platform suitable for the southern sea environment of China. It is understood that there are 12 units participating in the project and 6 sub-projects. Xiao Wensheng, a professor at China University of Petroleum, is the head of the project. There are also fifteen teachers in the school to participate in the research work of the project, and undertake research content such as system integration technology.

The project “Key Technologies for Deep Water Drilling and Completion” focuses on deepwater drilling technology and completion technology research, and establishes a supporting technology system for deepwater drilling and completion that can operate in deep water areas. The project was attended by six units. Sun Baojiang, a professor at China University of Petroleum, was appointed as the deputy head of the project. There are five sub-topics under this topic. Guan Zhichuan, Qiu Zhengsong, Chen Guoming and Zou Deyong, professors of China University of Petroleum, were responsible for four sub-projects.

According to reports, the approval of the above projects will play a major role in the development of oil and gas well engineering, ship and ocean engineering, mechanical and electrical engineering, etc. of China University of Petroleum.

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