Starting from 2010, the reutilization rate of automotive materials will not be lower than 75%.

The newspaper (Reporter Liu Yue) learned from the National Development and Reform Commission that the National Automobile Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Science and Technology, and the State Environmental Protection Administration have jointly issued the "Recycling and Utilization Technology Policy for Automobile Products." The general agent shall be responsible for the recycling of the automotive products it sells and its packaged goods, and may also entrust relevant agencies and enterprises with the responsibility of recycling. Among them, the recyclability of all domestic and imported M2 and M3, N2 and N3 vehicles should reach about 85%, of which the re-use rate of materials should not be less than 80%; all domestic and imported M1, The recyclability of N1 vehicles should reach 80%, and the reutilization rate of materials should not be lower than 75%.

The formulation of this policy is undoubtedly a major challenge for domestic auto manufacturers in improving the technological level of their materials. Experts pointed out that environmental protection and energy conservation are the eternal topics in the development of the automotive industry. The so-called environmental protection not only means that automobiles should minimize the harm caused by exhaust emissions to the environment, but also whether the vehicles can improve the effective utilization and recovery rate after being scrapped, and minimize the occupation and pollution of environmental resources. The latter, for some auto manufacturing companies with relatively lagged technology and huge cost pressures, is facing more severe challenges. Since 2006, driven by favorable policy and demand, the domestic small car market has become more prosperous. In spite of this, the introduction of the "Policy" also requires small car manufacturers to adopt scientific and technological innovation as soon as possible to improve the technological content of product materials, to eliminate the possible negative impact.

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