Ma Steel's CSP furnace roller refractory localization research was successful

Ma Steel's independent research on the localization of CSP furnace roller refractories has been successful recently. The application of this technology marks the gradual localization of the CSP furnace rolls of Maanshan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., which has significant economic and social benefits to further enhance the capacity and level of Maanshan Iron and Steel's independent innovation.

In the past, Maanshan Iron and Steel CSP furnace rolls all depended on imports, and there were problems such as long delivery time and high cost. In 2004, the company issued a research topic on the localization of CSP furnace roller refractory castables. The Technical Center and the Yigang Rolling Plant jointly undertook the research of the project. After a lot of meticulous research work, the research team gradually grasped the connotation of the technology. After anatomical analysis of the physical and rock facies of the imported furnace rolls, it was found that the imported furnace roll materials also had defects. In order to achieve technical breakthrough, the research team has carried out a lot of research work and carried out experimental research on new materials. After more than half a year of collaborative research, the laboratory research work was successfully completed and a breakthrough in technology. It has been determined that the main performance of the special refractory materials for CSP furnace rolls developed by Maanshan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. exceeds that of imported furnace rolls.

Under the joint efforts of scientific and technical personnel, the research team produced a total of 22 experimental furnace rolls, and 6 of them have been tested on the CSP roller hearth furnace. So far, the service life of the first batch of rolls has reached 16 months, far exceeding the contract life of the entire imported furnace rolls for 12 months. At present, the first batch of furnace rolls are still in good operating condition, completely eliminating the problems of cracking of the imported furnace rolls.

The second batch of four experimental furnace rolls was put into operation on April 20, 2005 and has been in operation for nearly a year. From the operating parameters, the experimental furnace rolls are not inferior to the overall imported furnace rolls, and the cost of each of the Maanshan rolls is less than half of the imported ones. According to the two roller bottom furnaces of Maanshan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., which consumes 450 furnace rolls per year, the light can save the company more than 20 million yuan per year.

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