The Top 100 Sales Revenues from China Machinery Industry in Beijing in 2005

On April 13, 2006, in the Beijing Yanjing Hotel, China Machinery Industry Federation, China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, and Industrial Statistics Division of the National Bureau of Statistics jointly held the “Top 100 Sales Enterprises in China Machinery Industry and Top 30 Sales Revenue in China’s Automobile Industry”. "The Enterprise Information Conference and the Seminar on the Development of Machinery Industry", at the meeting, carefully summarized and reviewed the economic situation of the machinery industry and the automobile industry during the "Tenth Five-Year Plan" period, analyzed and predicted its development trend, and highlighted bright spots and hot spots in the current industry development. Difficulties were analyzed and researched. At the same time, China's top 100 machinery enterprises and top 30 auto industry enterprises were announced and commended. This promotes the enlargement and strengthening of machinery industry enterprises, comprehensively enhances the international competitiveness of the industry, and at the same time further implements the proposals put forward by the Central Government. The scientific concept of development is of great significance in grasping the development direction of the "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" industry.

Yu Zhen, President of China Federation of Machinery Industry, Yao Jie, Deputy Secretary General of Automobile Industry Association, Cai Weici, Vice President of China Machinery Industry Federation, Yao Jingyuan, Chief Economist of National Bureau of Statistics, and Ren Caifang, Director of Industrial Transport Statistics Department, National Bureau of Statistics He attended the meeting and made an important speech.

At the same time, more than 30 news media such as the Economic Daily, China Industry News, China Daily, Electrical and Mechanical Commerce, Hong Kong Ta Kung Pao, Electrical and Mechanical Industry Magazine, and HC Network were also invited to the conference and received the full course of the China Machine Industry Federation’s main website, Jing Ji Net. stand by.

At the meeting, Cai Weici, Vice President of the China Machinery Industry Federation, conducted an analysis of the development trend of the machinery industry and the revitalization of the industry. Cai pointed out that the 2005 and the 10th Five-Year Plan period were the fastest growing and fastest-changing in the history of the machinery industry. period. During this period, the development of the industry was gratifying, highlights are frequent; at the same time, with the continuous improvement of the status of the industry, social attention has continued to rise, hot spots continue; in the new development environment, the industry inherent contradictions and new pressures Intensified, difficult to highlight. The inventory of these highlights, reflecting on the reasons for the frequent occurrence of bright spots, will have implications for future development; exploring hot issues, exchanging ideas and discussions, cohering consensus, and helping to better cope with, and identifying common difficulties, focusing on difficult issues, and tackling key issues. Undoubtedly, it will speed up the process of breaking through the bottleneck, make the future development more healthy, and enable more excellent companies to emerge in the industry, thus improving the international competitiveness of the industry more quickly.

Specifically summarized as follows:

I. Highlights in the development of the industry:

Rapid growth in output scale, significant improvement in the development environment, gratifying changes in industrial structure, and significant improvement in service quality

Second, several hot spots in the current industry development:

Several opinions on the revitalization of the equipment manufacturing industry, on the "Eleventh Five-Year Plan", and on the regulation of the management of foreign mergers and acquisitions, and the trend of the industry in the first quarter

Third, several outstanding difficulties in the development of the industry:

Strengthen the ability of independent innovation, increase production and increase efficiency, change the mode of growth, serious overcapacity, and strong resource constraints

At the meeting, President Cai also emphasized whether the difficulties and hot spots mentioned above can be properly resolved and related to the future of the industry. These hot spots and difficulties should be the focus of the future work of strong companies in the industry. As long as the entire industry makes unremitting efforts, these difficulties and hot spots will continue to be transformed into new bright spots in the development of the industry. The revitalization of the industry will surely be realized sooner!

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