Jinan City, Shandong Province has now formulated a large-scale development plan for the t

In building plumbing, the valve acts as a control fluid. Because of the different structure and

At present, China's agriculture, water conservancy, energy, transportation, information, c

Cummins Inc. recently announced that, driven by the overwhelming growth of the vast major

The large-scale channel lining equipment produced by Shaanxi Construction Mac

Recently, a JZW type screw pile machine with patent intellectual property dev

Domestic and international commonly used desiccant packaging materials are mainly divided into

To meet the rapidly growing demand for polymer and high-performance plastic mat

Sugar factories have traditionally used crystallization to make products. After several cookin

Driven by the rapid development of macroeconomy, experts predict that in the ne

On August 26 this year, the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone has established its 25th anniversar

Similar to the “4·16” chlorine leakage and explosion accident in Chongqing Tian

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