WABCO Acquires Ephicas to Promote Air Power Products

Comprehensive foreign reports, Wabco Holdings Ltd. (WabcoHoldingsInc.) announced on September 18 that WABCO has completed the acquisition of Ephicas.

Ephicas is a spin-off of the TTUelft aerospace engineering school, which provides innovative aerodynamic solutions for trailers, trucks and passenger cars.

On September 18, WABCO announced to the outside world the acquisition of Ephicas. Through this acquisition, WABCO will develop air-powered products under the brand name OptiFlow to achieve the goal of reducing the fuel consumption of trucks, trailers and buses.

SideWing will be the first product under the OptiFlow brand, which was first introduced by Ephicas in 2011. WABCO said that with the adoption of SideWing in Europe's 17 major commercial vehicle fleets, fuel savings of up to 5% are achieved.

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