China's presses production to maintain the world's first '11 consecutive crown'

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"The output of China's plastics machinery production reached 209.427 million units last year, an increase of 1% over 2010, and it continues to maintain its position as the world's No. 1 player, achieving the '11 consecutive championship.'" Qian Yaoen, executive vice president of the China Plastics Machinery Industry Association At an industry conference in Shanghai, it was introduced that after the “Eleventh Five-Year Plan” period of rapid development, China's plastics machinery industry is no longer a small river stream economy, no longer an insignificant industry, its leading role is very eye-catching.

According to statistics of the National Bureau of Statistics of China's 330 large-scale enterprises in the plastics machinery industry, the major economic indicators such as production output, total industrial output value, and industrial sales output of the entire industry have maintained a rapid growth momentum and created a new historical high in 2011.

Total economic output, the industrial output value reached 46.451 billion yuan, an increase of 16%, compared with the growth rate of 9.2% of GDP, higher than 6.8 percentage points; industrial sales value reached 44.446 billion yuan, an increase of 17%. For this transcript, Qian Yaoen commented: If the economic situation at home and abroad is complicated and severe, and the industry economy is facing a lot of new situations and new problems, it will be able to achieve such good results. It is indeed hard-won, and it is pleasing. Encouraging.

In terms of exports, in 2011, the industry's export delivery value reached 8.059 billion yuan, an increase of 33% compared with the previous year, and created the best historical results. Qian Yaoen believes that this is inseparable from the strategies adopted by some companies to optimize the structure of export products, vigorously consolidate traditional markets, deepen the markets of developed countries, and further open up free trade areas such as South America and Russia and emerging markets.

He also mentioned the role played by the backbone enterprises in this round of rapid growth. There are many private enterprises and many small and medium enterprises, which is a major feature of China's plastics machinery industry. According to statistics, private enterprises and SMEs account for more than 95% of the total number of enterprises in the whole industry.

Since 2011, the external environment has become severe, costs have risen, taxes and fees have become heavier, profits have been reduced, and funds have become tight. This is a common challenge faced by many private enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises. As the vast number of entrepreneurs have established the concept of sticking to industry and sticking to their main business, they have firmly determined to become bigger and stronger, persist in the high-end development of the industrial chain, and have seen large companies make progress and the small and medium-sized enterprises are brave. The entire industry is struggling to break through and reverse. The situation is good.

According to industry research data, in 2011, the leading enterprises in the industry remained strong and had outstanding performance. The leading role was fully utilized, and the total industrial output value and sales value continued to increase substantially, accounting for an important proportion of the total economic output of the industry and becoming an economic growth of the industry. "Aircraft carrier". At the same time, a large number of key enterprises have seized opportunities for development, accelerated the pace of development, and the economic scale has continued to increase. Market competitiveness has continued to increase. It has served as an engine of economic growth, a leader in transformation and upgrading, and a vanguard of technological innovation, becoming an industry economic. The important pillars have made important contributions to the steady and rapid development of the industry economy.

At present, there are more than 30 backbone enterprises with sales revenues of over 100 million yuan in the industry, an increase of more than 20% compared with 2010. Under their leadership, a large number of small-scale enterprises continue to expand the scale of their businesses with the courage to innovate and constantly surpass themselves. They have continuously strengthened their corporate strength and achieved remarkable results. They have emerged from the industry, become more of a dew, and become an industry economy. An important force for development.

Although the economy of the plastics machinery industry achieved remarkable results in 2011, it achieved a good start in the “Twelfth Five-Year” development. However, there are also some new situations and new issues that are worth paying close attention to. For example, since April last year, the economic growth of the industry has witnessed a marked slowdown in the growth rate. There have been problems such as rising corporate costs, shrinking profit margins, unreasonable economic structure, insufficient scientific and technological innovation capabilities, and small steps in transformation and upgrading.

With regard to the above issues, Qian Yaoen hopes that the press industry will maintain its clear-headed mind, further enhance its confidence and determination in development, seek advantages and avoid disadvantages, turn crisis into opportunities, accelerate the transformation and upgrading, and strive to promote stable and rapid economic development of the industry.

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