How to choose the cutting current of CNC plasma cutting machine?

In the correct use of CNC plasma cutting machine for high-quality rapid cutting, the cutting process parameters must be deeply understood and mastered. Only in such a situation can the plasma cutting equipment achieve its maximum efficiency, and its cut workpieces will also reach The best results, the following Haiyu CNC to explain the cutting plasma current cutting current regulation parameters of the plasma cutting machine when cutting the workpiece, for the majority of users reference learning.
When the plasma CNC cutting machine cuts the workpiece, the cutting current adjustment problem of the machine plasma power supply is very important. It is the most important cutting process parameter and directly determines the thickness and speed of the cutting, ie, the cutting ability. Regarding the impact, the direct manifestation of the following is the selection form of the cutting current of the plasma cutting machine:
1. The cutting current of the plasma cutting machine increases, the plasma arc energy increases, the cutting ability increases, and the cutting speed increases.
2. The cutting current of plasma cutting machine increases, the diameter of plasma arc increases, and the thickening of the arc makes the incision widen;
3. When the cutting current of the plasma cutting machine is too large, the thermal load of the nozzle increases, the nozzle is damaged prematurely, and the cutting quality naturally decreases, and even normal cutting cannot be performed. Therefore, the cutting current and the corresponding nozzle should be selected correctly according to the thickness of the material before cutting.

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