High-vehicle maintenance prices raise insurance prices to focus on next year premiums or increase

Recently, the increase in maintenance costs of a certain automobile brand in Beijing has caused concern in the insurance industry. Professor Dean of the Central University of Finance and Economics, Professor Dean issued a Weibo report last week, saying that “brand car dealerships began to upgrade from auto insurance business front-end interests (orders) to seeking auto insurance business end benefits (claims). The interests of the industry have been severely damaged.” This microblogging has caused many insurers’ concerns.

An insider of several property insurance company Beijing Branch confirmed to the reporter of “Daily Economic News” that since last year, the maintenance cost of parts and accessories of the auto brand series has increased, especially since May of this year. The fee rose greatly. These insurers also said that this practice of the car will have some impact on the insurance company, but also will increase the owner's maintenance costs.

At the same time, insurance companies also said that if the national price increases or an increase in the price of a regional accessories, the 4S shop designated by the insurance company will not allow the owner to save more money, but may affect the owner's premium situation in the coming year.

The rising price of accessories, etc., attracted attention from the "Daily Economic News" reporter as the owner of the car and randomly selected several 4S stores of the brand for consultation. A staff member of a 4S shop in Beijing said that only a few accessories have risen in price, such as oil prices and air filters, which were all higher than last year.

The reporter of "Daily Economic News" again consulted the 4S shop about the car's need for a 2.0T car to be repaired. A staff member of the shop also stated that since the beginning of last year, the price of some accessories in the series has risen. As for the specific The situation requires looking at the specific accessory price. When a reporter asked about routine maintenance items, the staff member stated that the oil filter, air filter and engine oil all rose.

According to a person who declined to be named in a property insurance Beijing branch, the recent increase in the hourly fee for the brand's autos has been significant, and the price of accessories has risen since then, and at the same time, a car manufacturer is also preparing to increase the working hour fee. The price of accessories for models has also increased. The increase of auto parts prices by the auto makers puts great pressure on the insurance companies, which is estimated to have an increase of 1-2 percentage points in the overall cost rate of the insurance companies.

PICC Pleasant Insider believes that the practice of increasing the parts and components of branded models will certainly have an impact on insurance companies. However, it is still unclear how much impact it will have, and it will take some time for data analysis to know. He personally believes that the impact should not be great, because this is only a rising price of spare parts for a brand series vehicle, and the individual brands do not account for a large proportion in the insurance company’s total auto insurance business.

The above-mentioned PICC P&C said that in reality, there are often car dealers adjusting the prices of their spare parts. But this time the brand's adjustment efforts are larger, especially the adjustment of working hours fees, so everyone will respond more strongly.

He believes that to deal with this practice of car dealers, insurance companies can promote the pricing model based on models, although China currently does not have this model. If insurance companies can't accept it, insurance companies may consider the factors of the car at the time of pricing.

Professor Hong Yansu of Central University of Finance and Economics believes that in the past when calculating the premiums for auto insurance, the factors for the increase in the price of auto parts have not been considered. Rising car parts prices will cause maintenance costs to rise, and insurance company claims will increase. At present, only one brand of car dealers has raised prices, but if all brands of car dealers increase their auto parts prices, it would be terrible.

May affect future premiums Insiders of the Beijing Branch of Ping An Property & Casualty Co., Ltd. frankly stated that the increase in the price of vehicle accessories will increase the cost of vehicle maintenance.

An insider of Huatai P&C Insurance, who declined to be named, said in an exchange with reporters that in general, if the price of a nationwide accessory (including the entire region, such as a province), insurance premiums will also rise. In view of the rising price of accessories in 4S stores, insurance companies have a variety of treatments. If they are 4S stores with better cooperation between the two companies, and they are 4S stores designated by the insurance company, the insurance company will not allow customers to pay more. Another is that the price of accessories in 4S stores has increased significantly, and if insurance companies cannot accept them, insurance companies will determine the price of their accessories according to the market conditions. Even if the 4S shop is designated by the insurance company for repair, the increase in the price of the accessories will not allow the owner to save more money, but it will affect the owner’s premium in the coming year. If the accumulated compensation exceeds the premium, the insurance company will consider this factor.

An insider of Dadi Insurance Beijing Branch believes that the price increase will lead to an increase in the cost of maintenance for the customer. For example, the loss of the vehicle was RMB 5,000. After the insurance, his repair cost became RMB 6,000 or even RMB 7,000. If the insurance company fixes the repair price, for example, 5,000 yuan, but the cost of repairing the car in the market will cost 6,000 yuan. Ultimately, the insurance company will bear the cost of repairs, but the premium paid by the customer in the second year is the number of times it is out of danger. Coupled with the amount of insurance claims, the owner of the car will also be affected.

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