Talking about the use of the wire take-up frame of the CNC winding device

The structure of the pay-off frame of the pay-off frame is shown in the figure. Among them, three fixing screws of the base are uniformly distributed on the circumference of the bottom panel of the wooden core, and the lead frame is welded with the rotatable shape. Use the method to place the round core of the wire on the base, make the Shaft pass through the hole of the core, and adjust the three fixing screws on the base so that the wood core is basically centered and then the fixing screws are locked to fix the wood core.

Install the lead frame and tighten the nut on the bolt. Adjust the set screw so that the crossbar of the lead frame is substantially parallel to the upper end panel of the wood core, and then lock the nut on the bolt. Pull out the wire end of the wire, pass through the two wire sleeves, and bow to the threaded hole of the CNC winding machine directly above the wood core. Working principle The rotating shaft is a pair of rolling bearings fixed on the base to enlarge the bottom plate of the wooden core, and the net door is full of two meshes and two rotating parts.

The set screw, the threaded sleeve, the screw mounting block, the base fixing screw, the bearing shaft, and the base of the rotating shaft are coupled together. When the coil is freely rotated, the lead frame rotates together with the rotating shaft due to the pulling force of the wire, and passes through the wire. The wire of the wire sleeve on the frame is rotated to perform the payout. In addition to being used as a lock, the snail also acts as a shaft. There is a certain gap between the rotatable shape and the hole on the rotating shaft. Under the action of the pulling force of the wire, the shape will rotate in the counterclockwise direction indicated by the arrow on the arrow with the bolt as the rotating shaft, so as to be connected thereto. The lead frame will be slightly lifted, so that the stop screw on the lead frame is separated from the upper end panel of the wood core, so that it can be properly laid.

When the machine tool stops working, because the wire loses or reduces the pulling force, the lead frame falls under the action of its own gravity, so that the stop screw follows the falling and contacts the upper end panel of the wood core and rubs against it, in the role of friction. Next, stop the lead frame and stop the line. This pay-off frame is also very simple and convenient in terms of replacing the wire. Simply loosen and unscrew the nut on the bolt, remove the lead frame, and then loosen the fixing screw of the base to remove or replace the wood core. It is worth noting that the over-wire sleeve on the wire hole is preferably made of glazed ceramic to avoid scratching the skin of the wire and causing a short circuit of the wound coil. In addition, the lead frame should not be made too heavy, so that the tension of the wire is not enough to lift the wire frame, and the wire cannot be properly released.


This kind of Commutator Fusing Machine can meet the requirement of different Commutator and armature dimension. It makes the whole fusing process far more iconvinient than by manual. This machine can also be connected to Armature Production Line to meet the mass production requirement.

It can greatly reduce the larbor forces. Firstly, operator needs to load the armature core to the required tooling position. Then adjust the wedling position as per the armature. After that, press the start button. Machine will do the commutator hook fusing process.

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