Manufacture of Six-Up Standards for Digital Manufacturing in 2020

In order to implement the "Qinzhou Manufacturing 2025," one of the three major challenges, "Quanzhou to develop a special action plan for smart manufacturing" to accelerate the development of Quanzhou manufacturing to intelligent direction, a few days ago, the municipal government issued the "Implementation Opinion" for Quanzhou City. Smart manufacturing defines the roadmap for development and defines the support measures in the areas of service system construction, technological achievements transformation, talent team construction, credit financing services, and development of space for the public.

Transformation and upgrading companies are the first: cultivating 500 intelligent manufacturing demonstration enterprises in 2020 is the main force for intelligent development. The city will promote pilot demonstrations in key industries and enterprises, and annually cultivate a batch of smart manufacturing landmark enterprises and typical demonstration projects. By 2020, the number of CNC and intelligent manufacturing demonstration projects in the city will reach 500, and 500 demonstration enterprises will be reached.

Support for the first (set) breakthrough: The maximum subsidy of 5 million yuan Quanzhou encourages enterprises to develop the first (set) of the "digital control" major technical equipment, the province identified as the first (sets) of major technical equipment, digital technology products, province For the first domestic (set), which is not more than 60% of the selling price, and the first (set) in the province, the subsidy shall not exceed 30% of the sales price, and the maximum subsidy shall not exceed 5 million yuan.

Demonstration Production Line: Grant to the Newly-Accepted Smart Factory Quanzhou will build a digital automation demonstration production line in the fields of textile shoes, building materials, and home furnishing. It will comprehensively upgrade the numerical control and intelligentization of industrial equipment and develop a number of digital and intelligent factories. ) For newly-identified smart factories and digital workshops, the maximum grants are no more than 1 million yuan and 500,000 yuan respectively.

Supporting Greater R&D Investment: Granting Grants for Major Projects Quanzhou will organize the implementation of key projects such as construction of key mechanical and equipment projects, core technologies in key areas, key technologies for common industries, and public platforms. Give a certain amount of financial assistance to the implementing company or unit, up to a maximum of 2 million yuan.

For the enterprises listed in Quanzhou's "CNC Generation" demonstration, the research and development expenses that meet the requirements of the tax law for the development of new technologies, new products, and new processes will be allowed to deduct part of the taxable income for that year.

The development of branding of patent standards: the drafting of an international standard rewarding 1 million yuan for patents for major patents for inventions in Quanzhou, Quanzhou Patent First, Second and Third Prizes. The city will grant 300,000 yuan and 150,000 yuan respectively. Yuan, 100,000 yuan, and 50,000 yuan in rewards; for those who have become international standards, national standards, industry standards, local standards, revisions, leading units, or first drafting units, they are each given a one-off payment of 1 million yuan and 200,000 yuan respectively. 100,000 yuan and 50,000 yuan in subsidies.

By the year 2020, the outlook of Quanzhou will be infinite. ● 60% of the city’s manufacturing enterprises will be automated and digitally manufactured. ● The number of robots per 10,000 industrial workers in the discrete manufacturing industry will reach 100, and the numerical control rate of key equipment will reach 80. %

● Developed 10 digital intelligent products in the fields of textile machinery, numerical control equipment, industry-specific robots, etc. ● Widely popularized networked and informationized management applications in the manufacturing industry ● Completed 30 digital manufacturing workshops/enterprises, and 10 intelligent manufacturing workshops/companies And 1 to 2 domestic influential intelligent manufacturing bases in three phases through 2016: 2,000 robots, 1000 3C drilling and attack centers, 1000 sets of “CNC Generation” equipments to be used; 20% of the city’s regulations Manufacturing enterprises realize automation and digital manufacturing; 300 NCS and intelligent manufacturing dragon skull stem companies are fostered.

By 2018: The promotion and application of 3,500 robots and 2,000 "digital control" equipment will be completed; 40% of the city's manufacturing enterprises will implement automation and digital manufacturing; and 400 CNCS and intelligent manufacturing companies will be involved.

By 2020: The promotion and application of 5,000 robots and 3,000 sets of "digital control" equipment will be completed; 60% of the city's manufacturing enterprises will implement automation and digital manufacturing;

To improve service to the government, to give more measures and create fertile ground for development To create a good environment for the development of smart manufacturing, the city will proceed from the aspects of service system construction, technological achievements transformation, talent team building, credit financing services, and development of space for the creation of public space to speed up construction and Improve the smart manufacturing support service system.

First, built platform: There are municipal or above institutes (institutions)

All counties (cities, districts) will build their research and development institutes and public technology service platforms around the pillar industries. By the end of 2016, strive to have 1 city-level research institute, public technology research and development platform, and more than 1 processing and manufacturing center serving the platform in each county (city, district).

On the basis of the construction, Quanzhou will continue to improve and improve the smart manufacturing public technology service platform, promote the construction of public innovation platforms such as CNC and smart manufacturing public R&D and testing centers, and encourage companies to build various types of institutions with universities and research institutes. Enterprise Technology Center, Engineering Research Center, Key Laboratory, Institute.

In addition, Quanzhou will introduce domestic and foreign universities, research institutes, numerical control and intelligent manufacturing technology service agencies to set up numerical control technology and equipment R&D institutions, design centers, and professional technical service platforms in the city to build innovative technologies for CNC technology and machinery products. Exhibition Center.

Second, the construction of the park: each smart manufacturing park invested no less than 100 million yuan Quanzhou will pay close attention to the construction of Fortress intelligent manufacturing R & D and entrepreneurship incubator base, Luojiang CNC machine tools and robot industry park, Jinjiang smart equipment industry park, a new batch A public service platform and industrial base for intelligent manufacturing and service-oriented manufacturing. Each park invests no less than RMB 100 million in R&D, experimentation, and testing equipment investment, and introduces platforms, projects, and subsidies for the introduction of talents in the intelligent manufacturing industry chain. .

Third, to help transform: intelligent manufacturing products included in the list of government procurement Quanzhou will organize the city's industrial associations, industry associations, industrial alliances and companies to demonstration companies and demonstration production lines, factories (workshops) to observe docking. Implementation of the "CNC Smart Technology Innovation Product Application Promotion Plan" promotes the inclusion of smart manufacturing innovation products in the list of government procurement suppliers.

In order to help smart manufacturing companies to open up the market, Quanzhou encourages enterprises to purchase smart manufacturing production lines produced in this Municipality. For local enterprises that use Quanzhou's “CNC Generation” demonstration project products, subsidies are provided for the number of purchases.

Fourth, attract talents: one hundred billion cluster will have hundreds of high-end talent support In order to gather a group of high-end talent to support industry development, Quanzhou will increase the number of CNC and intelligent manufacturing high-end talent and professional and technical personnel introduction and cultivation efforts. Strive to achieve more than 100 high-end talents per 100 billion and above industrial clusters, 50 or more high-end talents in 50-100 billion industrial clusters, and 50,000 yuan each as high-end talents in industrial clusters. Research funding subsidies.

In addition, Quanzhou will implement a smart manufacturing talent training program, support local colleges and vocational colleges to develop intelligent manufacturing discipline systems and personnel training system, and cooperate with enterprises to develop "order education"; support smart manufacturing enterprises to establish practical training institutions, or The local vocational college cooperated to build a numerical control and intelligent manufacturing training base.

V. Funding: Establishing an emerging industry equity investment fund Quanzhou will set up a government-led Quanzhou emerging industry equity investment fund with a total fund size of RMB 10 billion. It will invest in the city's numerical control system, servo motors, new sensors, and intelligent control systems. , industrial robots, automated assembly lines, and other intelligent manufacturing equipment companies and projects.

For CNCs and smart manufacturing companies, IPOs are listed for initial public offerings, and financial incentives are provided for the “National Share Transfer System” and the “Strait Stock Exchange Trading Center Trading Board”, respectively.

In addition, it actively guided banking financial institutions to give credit to smart equipment companies, tailor-designed credit products and service methods, vigorously promoted financial products such as buyer's credit and equipment mortgage, and supported local law banks to set up special loans for smart equipment.

Sixth, build space: all over the city to build more than a creative space around the goal of intelligent manufacturing, Quanzhou will actively promote the construction of the city's public space (creator space) construction and development work, focusing on supporting new areas around the building of new business model Space, integration and utilization of old workshops and old workshops to transform and build a community space. A subsidy of up to 1 million yuan will be given to a well-operated crowd-generation demonstration space.

In addition, start-up financial support of not less than 200,000 yuan will be given to Quanzhou Science and Technology Service Institutions and operators who have strong operational capabilities and many innovative resources. By the end of 2016, all counties (cities, districts) have obtained 1 city-level or more creative space.

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