· Foxconn invested 1.2 billion yuan in Hangzhou to establish a new energy car rental company

Dajiangdong Service Center, on November 30, issued a special business license - Hangzhou Zheyu New Energy Automobile Service Co., Ltd., with a total investment of 1.2 billion yuan and a registered capital of 100 million yuan. This project is the full investment of Foxconn Group. Subsidiary company.
It is reported that the project is a substantial first step in the comprehensive deepening cooperation with Hangzhou after the signing of a comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement between the Foxconn Group and the Hangzhou Municipal Government in March 2015. The “new member” of Dajiangdong will bring Hangzhou into the time-sharing era of new energy electric vehicles. It serves as the main service body for the new energy vehicle time-sharing operation in Foxconn Technology Group in Hangzhou. The project is planned to be in Hangzhou within three years. A total of 5,000 electric vehicles were put into operation.
The electric vehicle time-sharing lease is a short-distance travel mode of the city. The electric vehicle is used for shared operation on the basis of automobile sharing, and the new energy electric vehicle rental service is charged by the membership system. The rental mode is like “renting a public bicycle”. Members can easily make a car reservation through the network or mobile terminal, and then take the car offline to realize consumption. The whole process is self-service.
The review material of the project expresses its “positioning”: an upgraded version of the Hangzhou public bicycle project, which creates an Internet + intelligent, environmentally safe and safe transportation life through the Internet transformation of the supply chain process of the traditional car rental industry.
According to industry insiders, in the time-sharing mode, the usage rate of electric vehicles can be increased by 2-3 times, but the cost of use is only 20% of that of traditional cars. In Europe, a time-share rental car can replace 6-12 private cars. As long as the future time-sharing car rental points are dense enough, it can ensure efficient recycling of vehicles and relieve traffic static congestion to some extent.
According to the cooperation between the Dajiangdong Management Committee and Foxconn Technology Group, before September 2016, the Dajiangdong Management Committee will assist Foxconn to complete the layout of 10 charging outlets in the Dadongdong area.
It is understood that Foxconn new energy vehicle time-sharing project is based on Internet of Things, mobile Internet, cloud computing and information perception technology based on a city intelligent transportation project, through six platforms (Car owner APP, action secretary, charging management platform, gold The application of the streaming platform, power management platform, and vehicle owner website provides daily travel services for urban residents.
The entire system also has a big data center for big data analysis and application of driving behavior, car perception, road condition data and other vehicles, roads, people, behaviors, mobile terminals and even industrial chain data. For example, the number of sudden braking, sharp turns, rapid acceleration, accidents, violations, and number of overspeeds will be recorded and integrated into the driver's risk factor.
According to the deepening of cooperation, the project will also coordinate the electric vehicle industry, Internet service industry, public transportation and social public basic resources in Hangzhou. With the Hangzhou Municipal Government and Foxconn Technology Group as the core, build an electric vehicle service ecosystem to strengthen the industry. Deep cooperation.
In the future, Foxconn will take the time-sharing lease as the starting point and take the intelligent travel plan as the carrier to participate in the construction of Dadongdong New Energy Automobile Town.

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