Second-hand car care need to pay attention to what?

Many consumers think that since used cars are used cars, they don’t need to maintain their homes. In fact, it is better to replace the used oil and other damages. How to use a used car after buying a used car? It mainly includes the following points:

1, second-hand car maintenance is also a matter of face, the car's external cleaning, waxing; car interior dust removal; repair scratches on the vehicle and so on.

2, second-hand car maintenance is more safety considerations: vehicle brake system is crucial for the driver, used car maintenance safety should be placed first. Car brake clearance adjustment; Automobile clutch adjustment; Car brake discs, sheet replacement; Automotive shock absorber equipment maintenance, car tire maintenance or replacement; Automotive circuit oil system detection; Automotive light signal adjustment and so on.

3. Key components: Check whether the car has burning oil, oil leakage, or leakage problems, and repair or replace the connected parts; engine jitter, running noise, etc. go to the manufacturer for maintenance; starter, motor is running well, the power Inadequate, supplement or replace; whether the gearbox has gear abnormal noise and gear shift is not smooth, perform maintenance.

4, the use of daily used car maintenance: Some old cars themselves with certain auxiliary equipment, such as car audio, car conversion equipment, etc., these devices also need daily maintenance and testing.

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