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Blasting equipment transport vehicles, also known as explosives transport vehicles, detonator transport vehicles, explosion-proof cars , civilian explosive cars, fireworks and firecrackers. It is based on the relevant national ministries and commissions on the blasting equipment transport specifications and user requirements and development and production, product line with the National Defense Technology and Industry Commission, "Blasting Equipment Transporter Safety Technical Conditions" requirements. It has the main functions of high strength, fire-retardant, fire-retardant, anti-static spark, fire alarm and burglar alarm . now. Blasting equipment transporter has been separated from the original flat transport, and changed to van transport.

Blasting equipment transport vehicle oil chassis, explosion-proof box composition

Chassis models can be divided into: Dongfeng series, Jiangling series, JAC series, Beiqi Ao Ling series, Beiqi era series, Beiqi Auman series, Qingling series, Liberation series, etc. The form of the chassis can be divided into: dual drive and four drive

According to the rated load quality can be 0.5 tons - 9.9 tons (National Commission of Science, Technology and Industry requires the maximum tonnage of households not exceeding 10 tons)

Car body


The body can be divided into two parts: 1: transport explosives; 2: transport detonators (anti-explosion containers); 3: explosives, detonators transport at the same time (car body must

Compartment, sub-warehouse transportation, anti-explosion container installed). Explosion-proof vehicle installed smoke alarm, burglar alarm, engine exhaust front, trailer

Conductive tapes, safety signs on the outside of the car, and safety devices such as portable fire extinguishers.

The car body is a double-layer metal skeleton structure, the outside is a cold-rolled steel plate, the inner wall is covered with an aluminum alloy plate, and the interlayer is filled with heat-insulating and flame-retardant material.

Charge. Set the door to open, if you need to install anti-riot container, then open the side door, the side wall is equipped with a natural ventilation window with rain protection function, so that inside and outside the car

Air flow, anti-static treatment inside the car body, fire retardant static conductive rubber plate on the bottom of the car body and in the front of the car, and equal potential with the chassis

Connected to the ground through the static conductive device at the rear of the vehicle to prevent the generation of static sparks and the timely release of static electricity from the vehicle.

High vehicle safety. Fixed pull rings on the front and side of the interior of the car body, used with bundled straps to avoid movement, guaranteed



The smoke detector is a special device for sensing the fire in the vehicle compartment. It is installed in the top of the vehicle compartment and is connected to the alarm device in the cab. When there is a smoke in the fire, a buzzing alarm in the cab informs the driver to ensure timely elimination. Dangerous situation. Anti-theft alarm In order to ensure safety, there are doors on the rear and sides of the compartment. Door magnetic switch alarms are installed above the door frames (optional anti-theft monitors according to user requirements, driving recorders, etc.) When the doors are opened The buzzer sounds an alarm in the cab and can turn off the control switch in the cab when not in use. This ensures that the vehicle is always in a controlled state during driving.

The engine exhaust system of the vehicle is front-mounted and an exhaust spark extinguisher (fire shield) is installed to prevent the heat source from adversely affecting the explosives.

The chassis is equipped with two electrostatically conductive tapes for dragging ground. The outside of the car body is equipped with marker lights and portable safety devices such as fire extinguishers.

The body color is yellow, and there are "no fireworks" and "burst" characters, with reflective logos.


Car chassis equipment fire and anti-static

Exhaust spark extinguisher


For blasting equipment transport vehicles, the engine exhaust pipe of the vehicle should be placed in front, and an exhaust spark arrester should be installed. It is installed at the tail end of the exhaust pipe to cool the exhaust gas of the vehicle so as to extinguish the entrainment of the spark in the exhaust gas.

Conductive rubber drag zone

Conductive rubber drag zone is installed on the chassis of the vehicle. It can introduce static electricity into the earth so that the box is always at zero position to prevent static sparks.

In addition, oil pipes and batteries on the frame must be equipped with protective devices to avoid hidden dangers due to leakage of oil and electricity.

● The equipment installed to eliminate the first hidden danger

Ionic Smoke Detector


The inside of the cargo compartment should have a good sense of smoke alarm. When there is smoke, it should be within 3 minutes of smoke detectors alarm, driving the alarm device inside the home, the alarm sound intensity of more than 100 decibels.

Conductive rubber sheet


The fire-retardant antistatic rubber sheet shall be laid on the floor of the cargo bed, and shall be fixed with an electrostatic conductive adhesive, the glue shall be applied evenly, the glued sheet shall be smooth and smooth, the joint shall be tight, the gap shall be minimized, and the adhesive shall be used to fill the glue. The board should not wrinkle or warp.

Anti-explosion container


Anti-explosion containers should be installed in the rear compartment. The thickness of the wall should not be less than 80mm. The interlayer of the wall should be filled with materials that can absorb the energy of the explosion shock wave and that are not flammable (or flame retardant). When the anti-explosion container is installed, the position of the vent hole should be avoided in opposition to the important components of the chassis of the vehicle.

Ventilation windows, vents


Ventilation windows are pressed once by a special mold to provide rain and ventilation protection. The vent is installed in the side wall of the side compartment and the ventilation window to ensure the air circulation in the compartment.

Warning sign


Cargo boxes should also be painted with safety notices, explosives diamond signs, hazard indicators, orange bursts, etc. to facilitate identification and discovery by other personnel.

Container skin


The inner skin material of the cargo compartment shall be made of flame-retardant material that does not cause sparks. Non-ferrous metal materials or marine plywood may be used. The inner surface of the shipboard plywood shall be coated with fire-retardant paint. The gap between the inner and outer skins of the cargo compartment shall be filled with fire-retardant and heat-insulating material, and the outer side of the metal outer skin shall be painted with light-colored paint.

In addition, installation of lighting fixtures and other electrical equipment inside the cargo compartment is strictly prohibited to avoid potential safety hazards due to leakage.


Blasting equipment transporter notes:

1, the overall explosives, explosives that have an overall explosion risk;

2. Explosive items, ie explosives that have a risk of projectile but do not have an overall explosion hazard;

3. Combustion of explosives, ie fire hazard and minor explosion or small projectile, or both, but none

Explosives that are explosive in general;


4, general explosives, explosives that are no major danger;

5. Insensitive explosives, ie very insensitive explosives.

  During loading and unloading, iron spikes are not allowed. Iron wheels, iron shovels, and forklifts are used. Fireproof measures should be taken. ban

Only use machine tools that can produce sparks. Lighting should use explosion-proof lamps. Handle with care and do not drop

Touch, impact, drag, roll. Handling and stacking of bulk explosives, projectiles, explosives, and explosives

The height must not exceed 1.8 cm. There must be no acid, alkali, grease or other substances in the treasury. Discovered damaged shipments

Can not be loaded, should be placed separately, properly handled.


Car purchase process

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