Types of black medicine and the objects of capture

The chemical name for the drug black dithiophosphoric phosphate. Commonly used are toluene-based black medicines, which are classified into No. 15 black medicine, No. 25 black medicine, and No. 31 black medicine because of the amount of phosphorus pentoxide added during the manufacture of the ingredients. In recent years, a successful trial of butylammonium black drug has been made.

Aerofloat used for flotation of copper sulphide ore containing pyrite, zinc and lead metals Cu, Zn ore plurality.

The characteristics of black medicine are: mostly dark green oily liquid, corrosive, slightly soluble in water, decomposed by heat, in addition to the collecting performance, there is foaming performance, its selectivity is good, the arrest of pyrite Poor ability to receive. It should be pointed out that black medicine is not easily decomposed in acidic pulp, and it is also difficult to oxidize. However, since a small amount of a vulcanizing agent such as H2SNa2S, which is a heavy oxidized ore, is dissolved therein, it is suitable to select a slightly oxidized sulfide ore with a black drug.

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