Hydraulic pull test safety technical measures

Coal mine development roadway mainly shotcrete Support as a permanent support, and now support bolt tension test method for the specific operation as follows Anchor Mesh specific requirements.

First, the construction technology and quality standards of the anchor bolt

(1) Anchoring eye

1. Before hitting the anchor, you must make a knock on the top, find out the danger, live, and the eye-catching personnel must stand in a well-maintained safe place for eye-catching work.

2, according to the design requirements, use the line to open the eye, mark the anchor eye position.

3. The direction of the eye should be perpendicular to the contour of the roadway, and the angle with the coal (rock) layer should be no less than 750.

4. First hit the top anchor with a drill and tighten the tray, then use the electric drill to hit the bolt and tighten the tray.

5. The depth, spacing and arrangement of the anchor eye should conform to the design regulations: the eye position error must not exceed 100mm.

6. After the anchor eye is hit, the slag and accumulated water in the eye should be cleaned up. When you open your eyes, you must operate under the cover of the temporary temporary support; rinse the aperture and deliver the medicine.

7. The order of eye-catching should be carried out in the order of the top and the back.

8. The exposed length of the bolt exposes the nut 15~50mm. The cover should be in tight contact with the surrounding rock surface. It is forbidden to place wood, stone or multiple trays in the tray;

9, the overlap is not less than gateway 100mm, and 300mm intervals with 10 of iron wire tying.

(B), anchor quality standards

1. The angle between the anchor and the rock face is greater than 75°, and the torque is ≥60KN for the gang and ≥120KN for the top. Anchoring force: ≥5T for the gang and ≥9T for the top.

2. When the machine checks the tightening degree of the nut, it shall be based on the bolt rig and shall not continue to rotate. At this time, the plastic friction reducing washer is severely deformed or extruded.

3, must arrange a special manual twisting of the anchor rod, so that the top anchor pre-tightening force is 120N.m, and the pre-tightening force of the bolt is more than 60N.m.

(3) Construction process

1, the two gangs should be reserved for the section with the wind or handcuffs to form the shape to ensure the quality of the roadway.

2, bolt torque requirements: anchor installation torque: the top plate is greater than 120N.M, coal road gang is greater than 60N.M.

3, the bolt installation steps and processes: (1) using a 28mm diameter drill bit and the same length of the drill pipe to drill the eye, each row of roof bolts in the order of the first two sides; (2) with the assembled anchor Slowly push two rolls of Z2550 resin into the bottom of the hole; (3) Connect the rig to the anchor nut with a stirring connector, slowly raise the rig and keep stirring for 20-30S to push the anchor into position and stop; (4 After 50S, turn on the rig again, tighten the nut until the rig can't rotate; (5) Detect the installation quality every day, and arrange for the person to perform the second twisting one by one.

4. Several signs that the bolts are qualified for installation:

(1) The length of the exposed nut of the wire mouth is not more than 30mm to ensure that the thread is retained when the anchor is tightened;

(2) The plastic shock absorbing gasket is severely deformed or extruded;

(3) When the nut is inspected by the anchor rig, the single anchor rig cannot continue to rotate;

(4) The installation angle of the anchor should be perpendicular to the coal and rock face.

Second, the safety technical measures of the hydraulic pull test of the anchor

1. Before detecting the anchor, first check the condition of the top of the detected point, the support status of the two gangs, and the road support of 5 m before and after the detected point to ensure that the roadway is unobstructed and the problem can be solved in time. operation. .

2. The personnel should operate the hydraulic tension timing and must stand at not less than 1m above the detected anchor to prevent the hydraulic tension gauge sleeve from falling off and injuring the personnel.

3. Once the anchor end appears necking, it should be unloaded in time.

4. When the bolt pull-out force does not meet the requirements, the anchor bolt can be used to reinforce the support, and if necessary, the anchor cable can be used to strengthen the support.

5. The number of samples for the hydraulic pull test of the anchor rod is sampled every 300 pieces of the roadway, and each set of anchors is not less than 3 (top one, two for each).

6. During the test, after the pressure gauge value reaches the specified value, the test must be stopped immediately to prevent the pressure gauge from being exceeded and the pressure gauge from being damaged.

7. The hydraulic dynamometer should regularly check its integrity and the oil quantity in the oil pump, meet the requirements of the manual, and must use special hydraulic oil. It is strictly forbidden to replace the hydraulic oil with oil such as oil.

8. After fixing the ML-200 bolt tension meter, start the operation. The specific operation method is as follows:

(1) Remove the dust cap on the jack, manual hydraulic pump and high-pressure hose, and clean the joint with a cleaning cloth to prevent dirt from entering the oil passage, and then use the jack and manual hydraulic pump plunger to lower the minimum position. Then insert the connector at both ends of the high-pressure hose into the jack of the jack and the hand pump, and insert the U-card.

(2) Tighten the unloading valve on the manual hydraulic pump, then unscrew the oil filling screw on the liquid storage cylinder, inject N32 hydraulic oil into the liquid storage cylinder, and tighten the oil filling screw after filling. Note: When refueling for the first time, the liquid storage tank should be filled up. When continuous operation, it is generally not filled with oil. Do not add excessive oil when necessary, so as not to cause the jack to be reset after unloading.

(3) Tighten the bolt joint to the end of the test anchor, then put on the support cylinder and the jack, (extend the jack piston inward) and finally tighten the nut.

(4) Tighten the unloading valve on the manual hydraulic pump, then evenly shake the manual hydraulic pump rod up and down to pressurize the jack and pay attention to the pressure gauge reading. After the required value is reached, the pressure is stopped.

(5) After the test is completed, the unloading valve should be loosened slowly to avoid damage to the pressure gauge and wait for the pointer to return to zero. The jack pistons are all retracted, and then the components are removed from the anchor, the high-pressure hose is removed, and the dust cap is placed.

(6) After the filter in the oil storage cylinder is used for a period of time, it should be removed and cleaned with clean kerosene to prevent the filter network from being blocked and affecting the smooth flow of the oil.

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