Daily considerations for concrete mixers

Special vehicles are all professional and targeted. When operating, there are a lot more things to be aware of than private cars. Today we talk about concrete mixers and understand what they do in their daily work. Precautions


1. When the concrete mixer truck needs maintenance or inspection, it is the first choice to ensure that it is safe, and hang the "updating" signboard in an obvious position to remind the passing vehicle and unplug the switch key.

2. When maintaining the bottom of the concrete tanker, care must be taken to take protective measures and find a strong support facility. The wheels are blocked with wooden wedges before and after the wheel to prevent movement and slippery movement.

3. When two or more people operate at the same time, they must have a clear division of labor and coordinate with each other. The command and operation must be the same. If there is no command from the commander, remember not to operate without authorization.

4. In case of worse or cleanup, if you need to move the mixer tank or parts, you must have reliable equipment. If you need to manually lift the displacement parts, we must unite and cooperate, take care of each other, and place the parts firmly to prevent the occurrence of wounding accidents.

5. When repairing the mixer, it is important not to use open flame lighting. Because the cleaning of parts is mostly done with gasoline, it is necessary to isolate the open flame. Used used oil is also not free to spill. It should be properly disposed of in the barrel. Cleaning tools such as oil rags and waste cotton yarn should be placed in an active container. It is best to clean or dispose of it in time.

6. When using the foot-moving power tool, it is necessary to wear a safety foot cover, protective glasses, and arrange personnel to control the electrical switch so that in the event of a fault, the power can be quickly and quickly cut off to prevent accidents.

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