Antifreeze use and precautions

When choosing antifreeze, we try to use the same brand of antifreeze. The anti-freeze solution on the market is different for each brand of metal solubilizer, so we can not mix different brands of antifreeze. There is also a reason that antifreeze cannot be mixed. It is the function of antifreeze to prevent freezing and rust. The antifreeze solution of different manufacturers is not the same, so antifreeze cannot be mixed.

The effective period of antifreeze is generally two years, and there may be a few individual times longer. When changing, pay attention to the effective period of antifreeze. When adding new antifreeze, put the old antifreeze first, clean it, and add the antifreeze. Xiao Bian does not recommend the use of antifreeze when it is mixed with water. After the water is mixed, it may precipitate, which will affect the normal use of antifreeze. After consulting with the manufacturer, some antifreeze can be used with water, but not too much. Of course, when adding, do not use tap water or mineral water directly. There are too many sodium and magnesium ions and impurities in these waters. We should use distilled water. Antifreeze must be used in all seasons, not just in summer.

If you notice a small amount of precipitate after the antifreeze has been used for a while, don't worry. However, a large amount of precipitation occurs, indicating that the antifreeze has expired and cannot be used for replacement. Antifreeze We are best to use high quality, high quality antifreeze should be clear and transparent appearance, and eye-catching color, no odor, and some poor quality antifreeze does not have antifreeze and prevent pan function, and some antifreeze although the freezing point and boiling point Qualified, but inherently corrosive. This will corrode the tanks and pipes of power engineering vehicles .

In addition, there are many antifreezes currently on the market. If it is a small amount of supplements, antifreeze of the same color of different brands can be used. If the colors are different, do not mix them. The chemical composition of the antifreeze is not the same. After mixing, chemical reactions may occur, destroying the original nature of the antifreeze, and in serious cases, it may lead to corrosion of the water tank, clogging, leakage of liquid, and failure of the water pump.

Hard Winding Machine


1. Using high-performance servo motor to yarn guide, make the linear velocity reach over 800m/min, even reach 1800m/min, production efficiency will multiplied and reduce cost.

2. All-round intelligent control technology instead of mechanical structure, let machine performance reach the international advanced level, it's easy and convenient for operation.

3. Intelligent tension device, active unwinding device, automatic tracking overfeeding system, assure stabilization of shaping.

4. Yarn breaking device and length count device, use encoder to detect and control speed, promise the yarn produce consistency.

5. Using brushless motor driving, adjusting forming length and trimming angle intelligently, soft edge density is controllable, ensure yarn forming density uniformity.

Technical Parameter:

Number of spindle 60 spindles
Spindle gauge 360 mm
Linear velocity 200-1800m/min
Tension electronic tension with clamp tension
Traverse 130 mm-260 mm
Slide angle 0º-60º
Rated power 400 W

Hard Winding Machine

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