·Yantai eliminated more than 60,000 free trailers and scrapped scraps of yellow-label vehicles this year.

It was learned from the Traffic Police Detachment of Yantai Municipal Public Security Bureau that as of December 17, the city had completed 60,230 yellow-label vehicles, and completed the work target of eliminating 45,000 vehicles in the city's yellow-label vehicles in 2014, and issued a total of 4100 subsidies for elimination. More than ten thousand.
At present, all the city's built-up areas and highways are banned from yellow-marked vehicles throughout the day. According to statistics, the number of yellow-label vehicles in Yantai is around 110,000. After the ban, the yellow-label car has become a hot topic. What is the elimination of Yantai Yellow Label Vehicle? 2015 will be the last year of the yellow label vehicle elimination. How will the subsidy policy be implemented? The journalist made an interview about this.
Electronic eye 24 hours to capture the yellow label car "curfew"
The yellow standard car is the abbreviation of high-pollution emission vehicles. It refers to gasoline vehicles whose pollutant discharges do not meet the “national I” standard, or diesel vehicles that do not meet the “national III” standard. Because of its yellow environmental protection mark, it is called a yellow label car.
In accordance with the "Notice on Expanding the Yellow Marked Vehicles Restricted Area" issued by the provincial government, since November 1st, all the urban built-up areas, counties (cities) and highways in the city will be banned from passing yellow-label vehicles throughout the day. The car is banned from traffic violations, giving the driver a fine of 200 yuan and a score of 3 points.
Zhang Jiaxuan, deputy director of the Traffic Police Detachment of the Municipal Traffic Police Detachment, said that according to the regulations, since January 1, 2016, all the provinces have restricted yellow-label vehicles. In the near future, the scope of the restricted line will be further expanded, and the time will be extended from the original time limit to the full day.
The reporter learned that in order to improve the accuracy of the yellow-label car database information, the traffic police detachment carried out data matching with the city's environmental protection and transportation departments every day. According to the yellow standard vehicle identification standard, the detachment uses the big data processing technology to compare the information of 1.86 million motor vehicles and 102,000 large-scale automobile information in the local vehicle information database, and carefully check the information of the city's yellow-label vehicles.
At present, the city adopts the “Yellow Label Vehicle Limited Intelligent System” for automatic capture. As long as the vehicle passes through the prohibited area, the electronic police will automatically capture and work 24 hours, avoiding the problem of manual investigation. Up to now, through the off-site capture of yellow-label vehicles, the number of traffic violations has been banned by 29,822.
In November, Yantai eliminated vehicles in the first month in the province. Many yellow-label car owners said that one inadvertently entering the no-go zone was 200 yuan, and it really felt that the old car had no use value.
In order to reduce vehicle exhaust pollution and speed up the elimination of yellow-label vehicles, Yantai introduced the “Detailed Rules for Early Phase-out Subsidy for Yantai Yellow Label Vehicles” in 2013, and established the Yantai Yellow Label Vehicle Early Subsidy Subsidy Leading Group and established a joint At the window, we will implement a subsidy policy for the “Yellow Label Vehicle” that has been phased out in advance to speed up the elimination of the “Yellow Label Vehicle”.
According to statistics, the number of yellow-label vehicles in Yantai reached 114,000, second only to Zibo City, ranking second in the province. According to the provincial and municipal arrangements, according to the plan, Yantai will eliminate 40% of the existing yellow-label vehicles, or 45,448 vehicles, and the remaining 68,172 vehicles will be completely eliminated in 2015. At present, Yantai has eliminated 60,230 vehicles, exceeding the task.
According to the data of the Provincial Department of Finance, the amount of Yantai elimination and redemption subsidies ranked first in the province in November. Yantai audited the first month to eliminate 1,229 yellow-label vehicles and redeem the subsidy amount of 7.57 million yuan.
In order to improve the convenience of scrapping and recycling of yellow-label vehicles, the municipal commercial department has conducted on-the-spot investigations on vehicle scrapping work to determine the free on-site trailer service for scrap recycling enterprises, and to provide certain subsidies to owners who actively deliver cars. Add one 300-acre yellow-label car sales agency to the airport road (2 km east of Dongmotang South), and set up 10 acquisition points or business outlets within the city to facilitate the scrapping of vehicles for the majority of owners. .
In 2015, the last year of the elimination of the yellow standard car was based on the requirements. The yellow label car early phase-out subsidy policy was implemented from October 1, 2013 to December 31, 2015. According to the model and age of the yellow-labeled car, the difference was 4 Differential subsidies are given for each period. The first three phases are coming to an end, and the fourth period is from January 1st to December 31st, 2015. This is also the last stage.
It is understood that the amount of subsidies for yellow-label vehicles is related to the model and vehicle registration year. Under the same conditions, the larger the model, the higher the subsidy; the longer the year, the lower the subsidy. The time of elimination will affect the amount of subsidies sooner or later. The later the elimination time, the less subsidies will be obtained. Taking heavy-duty trucks as an example, the registration period is 2006 and beyond, and each vehicle can receive a subsidy of 19,800 yuan. If it is eliminated in the second period, the subsidy amount will be reduced to 18,000 yuan, and the third period will be reduced to 162,000 yuan.
The relevant departments reminded the public that 2015 will be the last stage of the elimination of the yellow-label car. The citizens are urged to take the time to go through the elimination procedures, otherwise the yellow-label car subsidy will end.
At the same time, relevant departments will take measures to vigorously promote the elimination of yellow-label vehicles. The Municipal Traffic Police Detachment stated that in the future, the motor vehicles that have reached the state of compulsory retirement standard cancellation and those that have not been inspected for three consecutive years in accordance with the scrapping standards shall be forced to phase out or cancel according to laws and regulations.

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