·Jiangxi issued a document to speed up the promotion and application of new energy vehicles

On December 24, the reporter was informed that the General Office of the Jiangxi Provincial Government recently issued an implementation opinion on accelerating the promotion and application of new energy vehicles (hereinafter referred to as the “Implementation Opinions”), clearly stating that Jiangxi Province will focus on the development of pure electric vehicles and plug-in type ( Hybrid vehicles and fuel cell vehicles are included in the program, and research is being carried out to build charging facilities in the expressway service area, and actively construct the expressway intercity fast charging network.
Studying the lack of charging facilities for charging facilities in high-speed service areas is a bottleneck restricting the development of new energy vehicles. According to the "Implementation Opinions", Jiangxi Province will speed up the construction of charging facilities. Local governments should improve urban planning and related engineering construction standards, incorporate charging facilities and supporting power grid construction and transformation into urban construction planning, and formulate special construction plans for charging facilities according to local conditions. Provide policy support in terms of land use and other aspects, and provide necessary subsidies for construction and operation.
At the same time, improve the relevant engineering construction standards, and clarify the requirements and proportions of building construction parking lots and urban public parking lots reserved for charging facilities. Accelerate the formation of the charging facilities of the user's residence and resident parking spaces (basic parking spaces), with the assistance of urban public parking spaces and temporary parking spaces in the roads, supplemented by urban charging stations and power stations. A moderately advanced and well-placed charging facility service system. Research on the construction of charging facilities in the expressway service area, and actively build the expressway intercity fast charge network.
Encourage social capital to participate in the promotion of new energy vehicles. The “Implementation Opinions” proposes to use the public service sector as a breakthrough for the promotion and application of new energy vehicles, and expand the scale of procurement of new energy vehicles by public institutions (transit, rental, sanitation, logistics, etc.). Guide personal consumption, form a virtuous circle, and encourage social capital to participate in the promotion and application of new energy vehicles.
According to the "Implementation Opinions", Jiangxi Province will expand the use of new energy vehicles in the field of public services, government agencies and enterprises, and the provincial government agencies will take the lead in coordinating with the provincial finance, science and technology, industrial letters, development and reform departments. Formulate a plan for the purchase of new energy vehicles by public institutions such as government agencies. Nanchang, Jiujiang and other 7 new energy vehicles promoted and applied to the district, the city, in the public service of buses, taxis and other urban passenger transport and environmental protection, such as sanitation, logistics, airport commuting, public security patrol, etc., new or updated Among vehicles, the proportion of new energy vehicles should not be lower than 30%, and the scale of application will be gradually expanded in the future.
Jiangxi Province will also improve the subsidy policy for new energy vehicles, and continue to implement the national subsidy policy for consumers to purchase pure electric vehicles, plug-in (including extended-program) hybrid vehicles and fuel cell vehicles that meet the requirements, and implement the national policy. From September 1, 2014 to December 31, 2017, the policy of exempting vehicle purchase tax for pure electric vehicles, plug-in (including extended-range) hybrid vehicles and fuel cell vehicles.
Improve the quality assurance system for new energy vehicles In accordance with the requirements of the “Implementation Opinions”, all provinces must strictly implement the national unified national standards and industry standards for new energy vehicles and charging facilities, and must not formulate and introduce local new energy vehicles and charging facilities. standard. To implement the national unified new energy vehicle promotion catalogue, local promotion catalogues may not be established. Relevant departments should strengthen supervision over the new energy vehicle market and promote the construction of a new energy vehicle market with unified, open and orderly competition. Resolutely clean up and eliminate the non-compliance policy measures that are not conducive to the development of the new energy vehicle market.
Jiangxi Province will also improve the quality assurance system for new energy vehicles. The provincial science and technology department will take the lead in establishing a new energy vehicle monitoring platform to improve the technical service and test and testing level of new energy vehicles.

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