What to do if the summer towel stinks? Use these methods to resolve in minutes

As the weather gets hotter and hotter, the use of towels becomes more and more frequent. Newly-purchased towels do not emit a strange smell within a short period of time, and they feel sticky when touched, greatly affecting their feel and efficacy. Today Xiaobian has come to popularize, how to most effectively solve the summer towel stink phenomenon.
Why do towels stink when used for a long time?
1, summer, we use a towel to wipe the sweating oily skin, but did not immediately clean, the towel is easy to accumulate fat and dirt, a long time, it is easy to feel sticky, dry will produce odor; 2, if you The bathroom environment is not ventilated, and each time the towel is not completely wrung out, the water accumulates at the bottom of the towel and the lower edge will have a moldy phenomenon, and the towel will naturally have an odor or yellowish appearance.
What to do if the summer towel stinks?
1, when the highest temperature disinfection of towels, towels can be opened with boiling water for 10 minutes, and then cleaned with detergent, after washing it to get ventilated place to dry;
2, salt or alkaline detergent can be added to the water alkaline detergent or wash with salt, after washing and then rinse with water, you can improve the towel yellow or odor phenomenon;
3, with vinegar or soda powder to taste when cleaning towels can be added to the washing machine, two spoons of white vinegar and the amount of hot water, this time do not add any detergent, directly start the washing machine cleaning. After the cleaning process is finished, add a little laundry soap or soda powder and wash it again to remove most of the odors.
The above is a small series of popular solutions to the problem of towel odor, of course, there is a fastest, most effective and most trouble-free solution, that is, for a high-quality pure cotton towels, such as double expensive towels, use of cotton fabric, feel comfortable , Has excellent moisture permeability, can effectively alleviate the above symptoms!

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