NaAl[Si 2 O 6 ]

[Chemical composition] is generally purer.

[Crystal structure] monoclinic system; 360 screenshot 20170722092722771 ; a 0 = 0.948 to 0.942 nm, b 0 = 0.856 to 0.856 nm, c 0 = 0.522 to 0.522 nm; β = 107 ° 58' to 107 ° 56'; Z = 4. The crystal structure is outlined in the Pyroxene family.

[Form] Self-formed crystals are rare, with two different habits of crystal, one is columnar parallel c-axis extension; the other parallel (100) is elongated. The main simple shape has parallel double-sided a{100}, b{010}, oblique square m{110}, o{111}. The cookware has parallel (001) and (100) simple twin and polycrystalline twins. The most common is the granular or fibrous aggregate (Figure G-29).

Picture 25

Figure G-29 jadeite is a dense block assembly

[Physical properties] colorless, white, light green or apple green; glass luster. {110} The cleavage is complete, the cleavage angle is 87°; the fracture is uneven and thorny. Hardness 6.5. The relative density is 3.24~3.43. Tough.

[genesis and occurrence] is mainly produced in alkaline metamorphic rocks and is a typical metamorphic mineral.

[identification characteristics] dense block, high hardness and extremely tough, found in alkaline metamorphic rocks.

[Main use] The fine-grained or finely woven intertwined aggregate of jadeite is composed of some feldspar and pyroxene minerals, which constitutes an excellent jade , called chalchuite. The color of jadeite determines its value. The key, if it is emerald and apple green, its value is astonishing, but if it is light green, yellow green, etc., the value drops several hundred times.

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