Factors to be considered when selecting the main roadway location

When the main development lane type is determined, it is necessary to determine its specific location.

The main development track is the throat of mine production. It is the Hub that connects the underground and the ground. It is the passage for ventilation, drainage, gas pressure and its power facilities to be introduced into the ground from the ground. The vicinity of the wellhead is also the layout of various other production and auxiliary facilities. . Therefore, the choice of the main development of the roadway location is appropriate, and has a profound impact on mine production. In addition, the location of the main roadway directly affects the amount of infrastructure construction and construction conditions, which affects infrastructure investment and infrastructure construction. Therefore, correctly solving the problem of the main roadway location is a key issue in mine design.

The basic criteria for selecting the main development lanes are: infrastructure and production costs should be minimal, as far as possible, without security pillars, convenient and adequate industrial sites, and good excavation conditions. The following factors should be considered when making specific choices:

(1) Topography, geological structure and burial conditions of the ore body;

(2) Mine production capacity and service life of the mine shaft;

(3) Exploration level, reserves and prospects of the deposit;

(4) The rock properties and hydrogeological conditions of the mine shall be avoided in the aquifer, damaged by the fault and unstable rock layers, especially the rock formation and flowing sand layer developed by the karst. The wellbore should generally be inspected for drilling and the geological conditions should be ascertained. When selecting flat rafts, the topographical geological longitudinal section of the section passing by Pingyi should be made to find out the geological and structural conditions to better determine the position, direction and support form of the raft;

(5) The location of the roadway should consider the convenient connection between the surface and the underground transportation, and should minimize the transportation work and minimize the amount of development work. If the plant and smelter are located in the mining area and the wellbore location is selected, the shortest and most convenient route should be selected to the plant.

Or transporting ore from a smelter;

(6) It should be ensured that the exit location of the shaft and the related structures are not affected by the rolling stones, landslides and avalanches on the slopes, which is very important in the Laoshan area;

(7) The elevation of the shaft exit should be above 3m in the highest flood level in the past year to avoid being flooded. At the same time, according to the requirements of transportation, it should be slightly higher than the ground level of the unloading port of the storage silo of the selected plant to ensure that the heavy truck runs downhill;

(8) The position of the wellbore (or flat raft) should avoid crushing, as far as possible outside the moving belt of the rock stratum, and the minimum distance from the ground moving boundary should be greater than 20m, otherwise it should be kept in the security mine;

(9) There should be sufficient industrial sites at the exit of the wells to arrange various buildings, structures, yards, dumping sites and waste quarries, but at the same time should not occupy farmland (especially high-yield farmland) or less farmland;

(10) The reconstruction or expansion of mines should take full account of the original wells and related buildings and structures.

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