Fast car rental speed together with car maintenance market, highlighting the advantages of South China “land snakes”

On October 16, 2014, the fast car was successfully launched. Recently, the reporter interviewed Mr. Shi Zhihua, who is responsible for the operation of the fast car rental, and learned that the fast car rental has signed more than 50 car care centers for cooperation.
If we say that the quick acquisition of 1,000 private car resources before the launch of the line is the beginning of its image of the “land snake”, the speed and momentum of this joint car maintenance industry indicates that the advantage of “land snakes” has become apparent.
Car care includes car grooming and maintenance. As an important part of the automotive aftermarket, the automotive maintenance market has developed rapidly. Especially in South China, the increase in vehicle maintenance centers is in line with the 4S shop division. According to the report on regular maintenance habits of vehicle owners in South China made by China Tire Business Network, 94.2% of South China owners have the habit of maintenance. The longer the driving time, the higher the proportion; 96.6% of South China owners stated that regular maintenance is very important. It can be seen that people have a strong sense of car maintenance.
The fast car hire accurately analyzes and grasps the focus of car owners, and also discovers the places where private car owners gather most, except in the trading market.
In the car care center that cooperated with the fast car rental, the reporter saw that the exhibition booths and materials for the fast car rental were placed on the scene; at the same time, these car care centers were also the fixed installation sites for the fast car KKBot. Here, the owner can not only quickly and conveniently become a member of the fast car rental, but also install the KKBot, and can enjoy various benefits of car maintenance brought by fast membership.
“To do the same thing, we have a lot less workforce than our peers,” Shi Zhihua said. “This way of working with car care centers is that we rely on the resources and strength of our partners and we don’t have to set up a dedicated installation team. The second is to let us continue to get more vehicle resources, the cost is not high, and the expansion speed is very fast. The next step will be the promotion of the concession project, so that the owners of fast car rental benefit.
The cooperation will inevitably lead to a win-win situation. A person in charge of the maintenance center cooperating with the express car rental company said, “This is not just for us to make propaganda for the venue, but also to help us do propaganda. Now we are the car-conservation guests. I heard that some people are still very interested in driving a car in a fast car, and these people go back to promote a fast car rental and let more people come to us to install their KKBot. , it can be said to be a kind of mutual benefit."
Shi Zhihua, who once worked in the oil industry and chain car rental industry, is currently the person in charge of the fast car rental operating system.

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