Automobile windshield maintenance precautions

In winter, clear vision is the basic guarantee for safe driving. As a windshield of life, how should it be maintained during the winter?

First, the wipers should be wiped regularly, ensuring that the windshield can be wiped off in the snow. Secondly, the windshield glass storage bottle should be replaced with a net with anti-freeze function, so as to avoid the formation of frost on the windshield glass due to the low outdoor temperature in winter, which will affect the sight line. Some drivers' friends are used to adding detergent to the storage bottle, but it is easy to damage the car paint and rubber parts, especially the formation of static electricity on the glass; also some driver friends add alcohol in the storage bottle, alcohol is a strong solubility The solvent, but when pure alcohol is added, it will cause irreversible effects on the paint and rubber parts; there is also a driver friend who adds water tank coolant to the storage kettle. Although the antifreeze performance is there, the cleaning performance is poor and cannot be provided. Clear vision. Therefore, it is best for drivers and friends to choose a glass that has good anti-freezing effect, no corrosion to glass, lacquer, and rubber and effectively prevents static electricity and glare.

Car Piston Pin has two kinds :Semi-floating Piston Pin and Fully floating piston pin.

Semi-floating piston pin: a fixed connection between a piston pin and a piston pin seat and a connecting rod tip where only one can freely rotate the other

Fully floating piston pin: a freely rotating connection between the piston pin and the piston pin seat and the connecting rod tip.

Car piston pin Advantage :Sufficient stiffness, strength and abrasion resistance, with minimum quality,best quality and most competitive price.

Car Piston Pin


Car Piston Pin

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